Pray - This is a spiritual battle.
We live in a world where the evil one is at work. He wants everyone to follow him. Those of us who have surrendered to Jesus are living under His authority as King. We have changed allegiance. We know the victory is God’s, and there is a spiritual dimension as we share Jesus. Therefore, our role is to pray fervently that others will encounter Jesus for themselves.

Live - Seek ways to intentionally connect with others on their journey.
As followers of Jesus, we are intended to connect with others in their journey of life and to share Jesus through our words and actions. You may connect with someone at a single moment in their life or have the privilege of walking with them over the years. The key is knowing that all of us are on a journey  (including you), so don’t push an agenda. Your role is to express the love of Jesus.

Speak – Throw away the manual!
As Christians, we often interact with those who do not claim to have a relationship with Jesus as if we know everything. It is tempting to think that sharing Jesus is about downloading a set of words – it’s not! It is about listening to the other person and listening to the Holy Spirit. Get to know the other person, be respectful of who they are and where they are at in their spiritual journey, look for ways to share what God is doing in your own spiritual journey (your  testimony has power), and seek to express the love of Jesus in your words and actions. BE REAL!

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