If a person is drowning and someone comes to their rescue, yet they struggle against them, they will probably die. However, if they rest in the arms of their Savior, then they will live.

This is basically our choice too! As human beings, we have lived life our way and consciously or unconsciously rejected God. To surrender is to be rescued from the consequences of our rejection and future separation from God, and brought into a restored relationship with Him. This happens as we lay down our old life and choose to follow Jesus.

The choice to surrender begins by acknowledging Jesus as King. It goes beyond belief and is about yielding control of our lives to Jesus. It is a decision to step out of the darkness (a world run by the evil one) and into the light (by living under the authority of King Jesus). As we surrender, we become citizens of God’s Kingdom, and our identity is now as a son or daughter of God.

God has done all that is needed to enable us to know Him better. God the Father is revealed in Jesus, and the Holy Spirit lives in us — convicting us of sin, empowering us for service and transforming us to be more like Jesus.

A surrendered life is an adventurous life lived knowing God’s love,peace and presence, and sharing that with others.

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