Each of us has a story of what Jesus has done in our lives. As we share it with others, it can also reveal the Good News.

What is my story? Think about:

  • What was your life like before you decided to follow Jesus? (Or how has your life changed as you have followed Jesus?)
  • What happened to lead you to a point where you would surrender your life to Jesus? (Or how are you continuing to surrender?)
  • How is your life changing as you grow in your relationship with Jesus?
  • What points of connection are there between the things you are learning and friends/family who have not yet surrendered to Jesus?

How can I share my story? Remember:

  • Your story is about your relationship with Jesus and should point more to Him than to you.
  • Your story is not over. It continues with each day as you grow in your walk with Jesus, so be ready to talk about what you are learning now.
  • Be careful that your words are loving — not just to the person you are speaking with but also toward the people and churches that have been part of your journey.
  • Your story should be easily understood, so be simple and avoid Christian jargon! What would you say if you only had three minutes or a whole lunch?
  • Practice your story with another Christian.

Now look for an opportunity to share your story with someone else!

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