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2 thoughts on “The Gospel of Mark

    1. Pastor Walt Mayhew

      When you ask a question, please include the passage reference as many people are reading in the Gospel of Mark at different points. This way I can ensure I answer your question correctly.

      I presume your question deals with Mark 1:3 which is a quote of Isaiah 40:3 and also Malachi 3:1 concerning receipt of a message from God.

      The NLT translated the Greek “clear the road for Him” which may help to understand the text better. Given the reference to John the Baptist’s ministry of repentance in preparation for the coming of Jesus, it is best to understand this injunction as a call to clear anything out of the way that would keep us from receiving Jesus, message of salvation and Him personally for who He was, King of King, Lord of Lords, Son of God, Messiah and Emmanuel, God come in the flesh.

      If you would permit me to paraphrase ….

      “Prepare the way of the Lord, make HIs path straight” … directly into your heart and life!


Post your question or comment on today’s reading below. Please make sure to include the passage reference.