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16 thoughts on “Read Through the Gospels

  1. bren65

    John 7
    look at it this way, if a nation was freely given foreign aid to another nation, yet that nation receiving, was discarding the aid given, and tossing it rendering it a complete loss, back then everyone enjoyed lamenting, but never realized how close truth and life was that they dried up there own river of life, voluntary.

  2. bren65

    mark 12: 1-12- during this reading, my husband explained this parables are about Israel- The cornerstone is Christ, and the Gentiles were given the cornerstone to build.

  3. bren65

    Mark 10- This reminds me when I hear children laugh, that Christ would want me to laugh also, to know he is there to hold me

  4. bren65

    It takes time to have that kind of faith, but everyday I get stronger with God’s word! thank you

  5. Fern Owens

    Mark 8
    I cannot feed myself Only when I acknowledge
    that He alone can feed me will I be satisfied
    He is more than enough
    Fern Owens

  6. Fern Owens

    Mark 8
    These are not casual meetings between Jesus and the crowd the blind man and His disciples Jesus requires a turning of the heart
    to Him a commitment of the mind an understanding and perception that he who hungers and thirsts after rigthteousness
    shall be filled My part is to come to turn humbly and honestly Only He can satisfy my inner desires with true spiritual food
    I will not lack I will not be in need This is true intimacy
    Fern Owens

  7. Fern Owens

    Mark 2
    Jesus is always doing what is unexpected
    He reaches out with pity and compassion to those we determine are undeserving whether they ask for it or not
    Can I do likewise? It is not an easy task
    It is only as my heart is made tender and my mind transformed by Gods mercy and grace and as I am continually filled with the Spirit that I can see people’s hearts and reach out to them as God provides opportunities

  8. Dina Hanlon

    45 “Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom his master has set over his household, to give them their food at the proper time?"

    Praise God. To share and show the love of God and what Jesus has done for us. Only through the Holy Spirit can we do such and share in his timing. May we be the servant who is faithful and wise before our Lord comes. In season and out of season.

  9. Dan Vossler

    I had made a comment to a family member last year about all the destruction that has been taking place. From Polar vortex to massive tornado's & Hurricanes to forest fire's and snow storms… It's so important that we are aware of our surroundings at all times and what needs to take place when disaster strike's. It's even more important that we are prepared Spiritually and mentally.

  10. Craig

    In Matthew 16, Peter is so relatable for me as he wrestles with his faith and his flesh. He is called the Rock by Christ, even though he would betray his king.

  11. Fern Owens

    There are 2 things that stood out for me here
    1 Jesus made spending time alone with the Father a priority
    2 When the disciples called out to Him in need He immediately reached out to them


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