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5 thoughts on “A Proverb A Day

  1. feenho

    At this stage in my life I welcome the blows that wound and cleanse. I welcome the lamp of the Lord searching my innermost parts. It has taken a long time to get here. The faith journey is a process and I have spent a good part of it kicking and screaming, being raised by an abusive father. Being raised by an abusive father laid a foundation which did not produce trust and love in God. but God has persevered. He is healing me over time through friends, my husband and other means. Now trusting that God loves me and that He is good, I surrender to Him and cling to Him more easily and more quickly Thank you Holy Spirit!

  2. feenho

    Proverbs 13
    The righteous has enough to satisfy his appetite
    I love this Increasingly my true food and true drink is to do he will of God to do acts of mercy and justice to live here as an eternal citizen of the kingdom of God being His ambassador and fulfilling His good purposes AMEN

  3. feenho

    Proverbs 11
    As I get older as a follower in Christ what I desire is to capture souls for Gods glory, to so live with the fruit of righteousness evident in what I pursue how I live how I treat my enemies my friends my coworkers that the love of God would draw people to Jesus
    I choose to walk in wisdom to be wise of heart full of insight and understanding walking in the fear of God and the comfort of the Holy Spirit AMEN

  4. feenho

    Proverbs 3
    If the Lord used wisdom and understanding then I need them
    that my life might be noticeably marked by pleasantness and peace for His glory

  5. feenho

    Proverbs 1
    Today I choose to seek wisdom and the fear of theLord
    I choose to seek God’s way not my own and submit to Him


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