Welcome to Seeking Him Daily! We offer a wide range of options for reading and studying God’s word.

You can read with us using Our Daily Reading Plan, which offers a different daily reading for each day of the year. This is the plan featured on our Facebook page. You can also use our Read Any Passage feature to read whatever passage you want to from the Bible. Looking for a specific word or phrase in the Bible? Use our Search the Bible feature to find all the passages where it is referenced.

We also offer a personalized, interactive, daily Bible reading experience through the use of our personalized or specialized Bible reading plans. These plans require you to register with us. Your registration is confirmed through email.

Registering allows us to provide your daily reading via email if you so choose by clicking on the link at the bottom of your daily reading  that says “Click here to have this daily reading sent by email beginning tomorrow.“. For those who prefer to read online it allows us to use a feature we call our virtual bookmark. Our virtual bookmark allows us to remember where you left off in your reading plan so when you read next whether it’s the next day or a few days later we can bring you right back to where  you left off.

Personalized Plans are either Calendar-Based, meaning they are organized by calendar periods (40 days, 90 days, six months or a year) or based on Minutes Per Day which is broken into two categories of 5 or 10 minutes a day. These plans are based on the reading speed of the average reader. We also offer Specialized Plans such as Bible Stories which is a 90-day plan reading some of the most well-known stories from the Bibles as well as  A Psalm a Day, A Proverb a Day and a special devotional series called Share Jesus intended to help people in sharing their faith.

Website-based readers of our reading plans have the ability to dialogue, ask questions and comment on their daily bible reading as part of our virtual Bible reading community.

Thanks for visiting Seeking Him Daily. We hope your time here will be a blessing to you.


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